Monday, May 16, 2011

"Extreme Couponing"

Here is an interesting link to a recent news blip about couponing. Once again, the "EC" show on TLC drives me CRAZY!

I have a stockpile of quite a few things. But, I am not a hoarder like many of these people! The lady buying juice boxes for the summer? I get that. But having 100 toothpaste and 50 cake mixes? If you aren't donating 95% of that - which, despite claims that they do this is NOT shown - then this is wasteful and irresponsible.

I have 25 rolls of toilet paper. Not 2500.

Moreso than the hoarding/stockpiling, I question these people's ability to feed their families. Where are the meal plans? What are you actually serving for dinner - just frozen foods? How about fruits, and salads, and fresh vegetables. Meat? Bread? There are rarely coupons for these! I save in areas that I can so that I can afford produce, meat, dairy, etc.

Another thing to keep in mind if you are just starting out - what these shows don't mention is the "OYNO" coupons. Similar to coupons, they are savings from your last purchase that come in the form of a coupon to use On Your Next Order. You get your order down to $60 then use $60 worth of OYNO coupons. Pfft, that's savings from your LAST order, you're just cashing them in tonight! If I can't duplicate your order, you aren't showing me a realistic savings trip...

I could go on... What frustrates you about this show?

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