Now What: Using Coupons

You’ve Got Your List - Now What?
A) Starting to Use Coupons
-You’ve got your list of items that you need. You’ve built a binder or organizer of coupons of some kind. Now comes the fun part…         
           ~For any item on your list that you absolutely have to get this trip - look in your binder for a coupon for that item. For instance, you are out of toilet paper and barbecue sauce. You find coupons for Charmin and Cottonelle toilet paper, and you find Kraft and Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce coupons.

*~*How do you decide which brand to buy?

For ultimate savings, you should be willing to buy whatever is cheapest. So, when I get to the store, I’d look at Charmin’s price (and subtract the value of my coupon for what I’d actually pay) and compare it with Cottonelle after the coupon I had for that.
          ~To make sure I am not overpaying, I would also glance at the prices of other brands, especially the generic or store brand. If Charmin is $6 after coupons, and Cottonelle is $5 after coupons, but the generic is $4 with no coupons - I’m buying generic!