Coupon Class Schedule

Couponing for Real People - Couponing 1 (Intro to Coupons)
Are you looking for ways to save money on groceries and household
goods? Receive tips on finding coupons, using coupons at local stores
and organizing your coupons. Whether you‘ve never used a coupon or you
use them all the time—join others in exchanging victories and
struggles with couponing in the St Cloud area.

Couponing for Real People - Couponing 2 (Intermediate Couponing)
Have you used coupons and been discouraged at paying more than the
people on TV do? Discover tips on matching coupons to local store sales,
stacking store and manufacturer coupons and building a stockpile. If you
are comfortable with finding coupons, using coupons and already have a
system to organize your coupons join others in this intermediate
couponing class.

**There are no currently scheduled coupon classes due to Meghann's school and work schedule.

~If you'd like to meet up at Caribou and talk coupons over a cup of coffee, please contact her! Cost is $10 for up to 2 hours. Call or text (320) 224-3078 or e-mail