Planning: Inventory, Meal Planning

So you’re planning a shopping trip…

A) Inventory - See Pantry Inventory list

-Grab a piece of paper, or a copy of my inventory list.

-Go through your pantry, fridge, freezer, and any other place you have food and household items stored - write down or make tally marks on the inventory list of what you already have on hand.

B) Meal Planning
To make the most out of your coupons, I highly recommend meal planning. If you'd like ideas for what to plan, check out my other blog of favorite recipes.

-Look at your calendar. When will you shop next? Count the number of days you are shopping for so you know how many meals are on your list.

-Still looking at your calendar, look for days that you might need quick and easy meals, or nights you have plans. Are Tuesdays dance night? Plan a crock pot meal that day, that you start in the morning so it is ready (or nearly ready) when you get home from work.

-Knowing how many days you are planning for (and taking in to consideration nights that need to be quicker or nights you won’t be at home for a meal), grab your inventory list and grab your sale fliers from your grocery store (or stores.)

~Are there any meals you can make with what you have on hand?

~Are there any meals you can make with what is on sale?
          *Especially with produce, buying only on sale/in season fruits and vegetables rather than expensive out of season items can save you a large amount each week!

~Are there meals you can make by purchasing few ingredients?