Buy Price/Stockpile Price List

Stock Pile / Buy Price List

*I highly recommend that you keep track of your own personal best for items you buy frequently. As you get started, you will likely pay more than what I will - but as you get furter in to using coupons and building a stockpile, you will get more and more selective about prices you will pay and how many items you want in your reserve.
Bananas: under $.50/lb is good
Grapes: under $.99/lb in season
Pears: under $.99/lb in season
Apples: $.77 in season
Berries: $1.50/pint in season
Cherries: $2.99 in season
Oranges: $.77/lb in season
Carrots (baby) $1/small bag
Peppers: $.50/ea is good
Potatoes: approx $.25/lb
Salad mix: 3#/$3 at Sam’s Club
Tomatoes: $2/lb or less

93% Lean Ground Beef $2.25/lb
Ground Chuck $1.99/lb
80% Ground Beef $1.59/lb - I’ve only ever seen this price at Sam’s club if you buy in bulk.
London Broil $1.99/lb
Rump Roast $2.99/lb
Pot Roast $2.29/lb
Sirloin Steak. $3.99/lb

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast. $1.83/lb is my buy price (6# Members Mark @ SC for $10.98) and rock bottom is $1.59/lb (2.5# at Coborn's or Cash Wise, Food Club brand - a 2-3w rotation on the sales.)
Whole Chickens $.89/lb
Chicken Quarters $.79/lb
Split Chicken Breast $.99/lb
Chicken Thighs/Drumsticks $.99/lb
Ground Turkey (80% lean). $.90/lb - I got this price last month and stocked up on 20#. This only happens once every 3-12 months, so $1.60-$1.80/lb is standard. Still cheaper than ground beef at regular price!
Whole Turkey Breast. $.99/lb - These freeze so well, and you can do so many things with them! Grill it, roast it, bake it - and then use the leftovers for soup! So, when you find a deal, stock up!
Whole turkeys: $.39/lb in season.

Pork chops (boneless) $1.99
Pork Tenderloin $2.99
Pork Butt $1.49
Pork Cased Sausage $1.19
Porkchops (bone in) $1.59

Cheese. $1 for 8 ounces ($2/lb) - Sam's every day price is $2.09-$2.34/lb for shreds, $2.50/lb for block and $2/lb for slices.
Sour Cream. $.99 for 16 ounces
Yogurt (multi-pack). $1
Yogurt (single cup). $.20/individual cup - You can also get the lg. containers and section it up yourself in Tupperware containers if you eat large quantities rather quickly.
Milk: $2/gal. (Lately $2.44/gal here.)

Refrigerated - these are not things I get frequently, other than the eggs.
Biscuits/Rolls under $1/can
Cookie Dough under $1
Eggs. $1/dozen
English Muffins. $.90

Frozen Entrées (Lean Cuisine, Smart Ones). $1 - Make larger dinners and freeze the leftovers in individual containers! Often way less sodium and cheaper, with the same convenient grab-n-go.
Frozen Pizza. $2 or less - Cheaper to make your own!
Frozen Vegetables (12 oz) $1
Premium Ice Cream. $2 for 1.5 quarts

Boxed Cereal. $1/box or less (name brand)
Bread (we eat whole grain light bread) under $1.60/loaf - Check your local bread store for great savings! We save over 50% on loaves of bread at our outlet compared to grocery store prices. They also have buns, etc. and of course you can freeze all of it!
Beans, canned: $.80 buy price, $.50 stock up price
Broths. $.50/can - We use bouillon cubes! They take up less space so they're easier to have on hand. I have chicken, beef and vegetable right now.
Cake Mixes/Frosting. $.50
Crackers. $1/box
Granola Bars. $1/box - Or make your own! You can pick your own flavors and make a cookie sheet at a time, which usually lasts us a week.
Hamburger Helper. $.65/box or less
Jelly: I buy low sugar stuff, found it at Aldi 2/$5 but I need to pay more attention to this…
Ketchup/mustard/BBQ sauce: $1.25 buy price, $.90 stock up price
Mayonaise: $2.50 - we are brand loyal to Hellmans.
Oatmeal (instant): $1/box or less.
Pasta (we use whole wheat). $1/box.
Peanut Butter. $1.50/jar
Pop. $1.80 for 12 pack - That's rock bottom, I will pay up to $3/12 pack or $6/24 pack.
Salad Dressing: free! Ken’s is often free when there is a $1/1 coupon and they go on sale 2/$3. We buy big bottles of Hidden Valley ranch at Sam’s, because I am a ranch dressing snob.
Snack Mix (Chex Mix, Cheerios Mix, etc.). $.25/bag - Make your own with cheaply bought cereal.
Soup: $1/can buy price, $.75/can stock up price
Soup, condensed for cooking: $1.25 buy price, $1 stock up price (I get the low fat variety.)
Spaghetti Sauce. $1.00/jar - Make your own and can it!
Spices: $1 or less (check the bulk section at the grocery store, the Dollar Store, and Sam’s Club.)
Tomatoes, canned: 24oz $1.25 buy price, $.85-$1/can stock up price (halve that for the small cans.)
Tuna: $.25/can
Vegetables, canned: $.38/can is the lowest I have ever paid, I will pay up to $.50/can. 12-16oz frozen steamers I have gotten as low as $.63/bag.

Air Fresheners. $.75/ea
Aluminum Foil ?? I don't buy very often!
Dish Soap. $.50 buy price, stock up price free (Dawn is often free!)
Dishwasher detergent $3.50/large bottle at Sam’s Club (liquid)
Quantum/Cascade tabs $2 stock up price, $2.75 buy price for 20-30pk
Fabric Softener (we are brand loyal to Downy). $2.50/bottle (large bottle)
Glass Cleaner $1.00 buy price, $.50 stock up price
Hand Soap (dial) $1 buy price, $.50 or less stockup price
Kleenex: $.75/box or less.
Laundry Detergent (26loads+) *Laundry detergent varies greatly!
*All Detergent buy price $2.99, $1.50 stock up price
*Purex buy price $1.99, $1.00 or less stock up price
*Tide buy price $4.99 or less for a 50 oz bottle
Paper Plates/Cups. $1/package or less (we usually only use these for parties.)
Paper towels: aim for less than $.65/roll, but size doesn't allow me to stockpile much so I will pay up to $1/roll.
Toliet Bowl Cleaner $1.00 buy price, $.50 stock up price
Toilet Paper. $.25/single roll or $.50/double roll
Trash bags: I get mine at Sam’s Club, 150 bags for around $8 ($.05/bag)
Ziploc Bags (any size) $1.50 buy price, $1 or less stock up price

Personal Care
Deodorant: under $7 for Clinical type
Deodorant: $1.00 buy price, $.50 or under stock up price for regular deoderant
Diapers. $.14/diaper stock up price (size 3+)
Disposable Razors. $.10 each or less
Feminine Products (I am brand loyal to Tampax Pearl). $1.50/18ct box
Hair Stylers (hairspray, mousse, etc.). $1 or less (often free WYB shampoo with BOGO coupons)
Makeup. $1-3, 50% off or more.
Mouthwash: $1.50 buy price, $1.00 stock up price
Medicines: often B1G1F at Walgreens for their store brand, so less than $6/2.
Razors : (such as the Fusion, Venus regular price $9.99) $4.99 buy price, $1.99 stock up price
Shampoo/Conditioner. $1 buy price, $.50 stock up price - you can often catch clearance deals at Target and use a manufacturer coupon to get down to the stock up price!
Soap (we are brand loyal to Dial). $.18/bar
Shower Gel/body wash $1.00 buy price, $.50 or less stock up price - Nivea has been $.04/bottle at Target!
Toothpaste. Under $1, aim for free
Manual toothbrush: $.75 buy price, $.50 stock up price
Power toothbrush: $1.50 buy price, $1 stock up price
Wipes: $.02/ea - or